#100happydays Day 2

It fills me with happy getting to work with my best friend. Makes an incredibly stressful day go by, and end, on a cheerier note! 

#100happydays Day 1

So I’m doing this #100happydays challenge

and what’s made me happy on my first day is getting my birthday off from work!! I haven’t had my birthday off in years!! And on a weekend to boot! To continue with firsts, it’s also the first time I’ve thrown a party for myself. I’m so excited

Ugh, I feel so blah at this moment. NO-thing sounds interesting. I want to draw but I have almost no motivation. I want to watch/read something but I want to read/watch something.

I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

por fin soy libre! Aunque no me esperaba ser libre tan pronto. 

Gone with the quickness. 

Y ahora puedo respirar

When did I turn in to such a teenager, again?! 

Last time I obsessed this badly I was in high school! 

….for fucks sake…

In high school, I once painted a painting of “space” in an hour…right before it had to be turned in. We had been assigned this project about two weeks prior and in all that time I couldn’t get it to come out right no matter how careful, detailed, or meticulous I was. 

I spent a lot of mental energy (composition, colors, sizes) on it and ended up burning myself out. I wanted it to look a certain way and would get frustrated when I’d screw up. But I HAD to turn something in and it was too late to go for another idea so in that last hour I just went for it and stopped worrying about how it was going to turn out. It would be what it would be and I would live with it. 

It turned out to be better than what I’d intended- better than when I tried to force it out. 

I simply let go (no Frozen pun intended but it totes applies here, I guess)

And for some reason I thought about this just now and I’m wondering if this is some kind of insight on how wanting something too much will inadvertently work against you. I suppose that makes sense. I mean, there are other possibilities to consider…

Still, I think this is something I should do more often and stop worrying over things I can’t always see the end result of and just do it. 


Major - The Woolly Dog

This is my 10 month old German Shepherd/Australian Cattle (Heeler) Dog Mix. Clearly, he is shedding majorly. (lol, best accidental pun ever) Own it! 


He is named after the constellation “Ursa Major” (Big Bear/Big Dipper) because he was born with a stumpy tail and he gave the impression of a bear cub when he was just weeks old and his ears were still floppy. 



I constantly forget that I have a tattoo….

I can’t seem to draw….or paint or create much of anything at all.


This is incredibly upsetting. 

I feel crippled. 

You are provoking waves in shallow waters.

My amazing fox socks

My amazing fox socks